OsteoStrong: Bones. Muscles. Balance.
Tom Moffett began his business career in 1979 when his family started a business selling used copiers and supplies. The company grew to be the number one Sharp copier dealer in the nation with three divisions, eight locations and 185 employees. After 20, years the company was sold. Following the sale, Tom set his focus on real estate investments, land purchasing and development in four states. With an interest in the auto industry, an opportunity in Hesperia was pursued and he opened Mid-City Motors. When starting the business, a key goal was set: “I know trust and integrity are not words usually associated with used car sales but I was determined to change that at Mid-City Motors and it was the foundation of that business.”

Selling the car lot, he relocated to Huntington Beach. Searching for a new venture, he discovered OsteoStrong. Recently diagnosed with osteopenia, the pre-cursor to osteoporosis, the company intrigued him. Diligent research and conversations with those in the kinesiology/physiology fields led to a desire to share this great program. A weekly 20-minute process that is giving people their lives back naturally, without drugs! However, it does have side effects which include stronger bones, muscles and better balance.

Tom’s main goal is to change lives and looks forward to helping people. Tom lives in Huntington Beach with his wife of 30 years and has four children.

Range of Services

  • Wellness
  • Healing
  • Healthcare