Finally, a Research Based, Custom and Unique Design, Branding, and Advertising Agency for Chiropractors
If you're like many chiropractors, you know that only a small slice of the population believes in chiropractic care. That acceptance rate stands at only 4%, which means we're not reaching 96% of the population out there. Why? Because chiropractors are generally disregarded by mainstream media, and not accepted as "real" physicians by the large drug companies and medical doctors. Sad, but that's the hurdle we're faced with as a chiropractic family.

Per survey of 5,000 potential chiropractic patients, roughly 95% of them confessed that they judge a book by its cover, and that they do pass judgement on the chiropractic profession based on a variety of visual cues including attire, office location, office decor, branding, advertising pieces and websites. So why continue to flame this fire when we can rebrand and increase our acceptance rate?

In comes MyChiroPractice... a unique branding, advertising and design company that says goodbye to cheap template websites, generic logos, and uninspired advertising pieces. We are proud to be one of only a few select agencies across the country to base our work on focus group research, full competitive analysis, target market research, industry specific trends and other variables needed to develop something lasting, impressive and trustworthy.

Let's change the future of chiropractic... one brand, one website and one practice at a time.

Range of Services

  • branding
  • chiropractic
  • design
  • ad agency
  • logos
  • research
  • focus group