Laguna Hills VA Clinic

Laguna Hills VA clinic
Laguna Hills VA clinic serves over 4,000 patients, and has been in South Orange County for over 8 years. We currently have three medical providers; two Nurse Practitioners, and one Medical Doctor. We have two part-time Psychiatrists, and one full-time Psychologist. We offer a variety of services such as primary care, mental health, a disability claim coordinator, x-rays, pap smears, EKGs, blood draws, tele-health programs, vaccines, diabetic retinal screenings, and ear cleaning. Each patient is assigned to a medical provider and a nurse to assist with your specific needs. We do not offer any specialty care such as urology, cardiology etc... All specialty clinics are at the main VA hospital located in Long Beach. Our clinic and staff are continuing to grow. If you wish further information about services provided by the VA, you may also go online Thank you again for allowing us to attend to your medical needs. It is our honor to serve you.

Range of Services

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