Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce Spotlight

Company: Pacific Group

Company Representative: Reema Zakharia

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What do you do? Group Health Insurance. We are an employee benefits brokerage firm.

How did the business get started?

Paul Gaarenstroom was hired by Met Life and rose through the ranks to assume position of Agency Manager of the Century City Branch in Los Angeles California. During that time Paul was the youngest Agency Manage Met Life had in their 100-year history and the Agency grew to one of the top 15 agencies in the Nation. In 1991 Paul decided to venture out on his own from Met Life and the Pacific Group was created with the idea of offering a select number of clients “Old Fashion Service” and a pro-active experience that was unheard of in the insurance industry.


What is something that sets your business apart from your competitors? Explain why.

We focus on one thing, and do it really well. In this day and age, it’s not good to have a one-stop-shop for insurance when it involves group health. Compliance is a BIG issue and we have kept up with the times conforming to a compliance brokerage firm for the sake of our clients. Our results-driven approach allows us to act as an extension of our clients’ own Human Resources staff and provide value-added services with unmatched service. We provide concierge-level attention to a limited number of clients who appreciate our expertise and continuous, personal involvement.


What does a good lead for your business look like?

A business in Orange County with 20-500 employees.

Businesses with 20-99 employees are traditionally underserviced by their broker and are not aware, so that’s a more specific niche in which we thrive stepping in to those smaller groups and helping them out.